This site is a place for the people who enjoyed the Zeb’s experience and the relationships that have grown and continue into the future. Hopefully we can maintain the kind of respect and proliferation of music, ideas and socialization that was a big part of Zeb’s.

Net Neutrality is in danger. There’s lots of hacking and fake news. Changing laws about internet privacy are imminent. The big social media outlets are harvesting our data. This is a small safe site to share ideas, pictures, music and what ever we want.

When I started Zeb’s, I envisioned a communal arts space incorporating music, art, and people gathering. The Jazz Vocal Series at Zeb’s became a vortex for professional singers and instrumentalists. We also produced the fantastic NYC Jazz Guitar Festival three times in 2010, 2012 and 2015. We had countless celebrations, jam sessions, recordings, and rehearsals there. The building was sold and then was torn down. Many people have expressed to me how much they miss the place. Maybe there could be a new brick and mortar spot in the future but in the meantime we can share here.

This site is not style specific. Music reflects the people and culture its derived from. The more we know about different genres the more we can appreciate those different from us and the more harmonious we can be. Knowledge is power.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully we can stay connected. Leave a COMMENT or  CONTACT ME if you’re interested in contributing to this site.  Thanks  peeps, Zeb